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Home Movies

So here is a list of my home movies. I have archived them here for mine and my family's use. Anyone can look at them I guess unless your some sorta freak then go away. They are archived by year and date from the newest to the oldest.




 09-05-2005-Lake-Texoma-Family  09-05-2005-Lake-Texoma-Jasons Boat
 09-05-2005-Lake-Texoma-Low Flying Helicopter  09-05-2005-Lake-Texoma-Jason Tubing-2
 09-05-2005-Lake-Texoma-Jason Tubing  09-05-2005-Lake-Texoma-Jason Preparing to Tube
 09-05-2005-Lake-Texoma-Jason's Boat  09-05-2005-Lake-Texoma-Family
06-12-2005-Beavers-Bend Spillway Antlers, OK 06-12-2005-Beavers-Bend Swimmin Hole Antlers, OK
06-12-2005-Beavers-Bend Water snake Antlers, OK 06-12-2005-Beavers-Bend Paddle Boat Antlers, OK
06-12-2005-Beavers-Bend-RiverView Antlers, OK 06-12-2005-Beavers-Bend River Antlers, OK
By a Minivan Antlers, OK
06-12-2005-Beavers-Bend Driving Antlers, OK
06-12-2005-Beavers-Bend-Michelle Attempting To Canoe Antlers, OK 06-12-2005-Beavers-Bend-Dam-Bridge Antlers, OK 1
06-11-2005-225am Intersection of 271 - I 20. *Caution: Incredibly Boring 06-11-2005-Co-Workers 1 Tyler, TX
06-11-2005-Co-Workers 2 Tyler, TX 06-11-2005-Co-Workers 3 Tyler, TX
04-24-2005-Maddys-Birthday Longview, TX 04-24-2005-Maddys-Birthday Longview, TX
04-10-2005-Caddo Lake State Park Uncertain, TX 04-10-2005-Caddo Lake State Park Uncertain, TX 2
01-23-2005 Alex-Birthday Longview, TX. 01-23-2005 Alex-Birthday Longview, TX 2


12-26-2004 Old Bridge, Denison, TX 12-25-2004-Christmas Morning Gladewater, TX.
12-25-2004-Christmas Aunt Terry's Denison, TX 12-25-2004 Outside at Terry's Denison, TX
12-12-2004-Dad Nardecchia's Quitman, TX 12-12-2004-Granny-Nardecchia Quitman, TX
10-31-2004-Halloween Carnival Longview, TX 10-31-2004-Halloween Carnival Longview, TX 2
10-27-2004-Lunar-Eclipse Gladewater, TX *Caution: Boring 10-24-2004-Moms & Dads Hugo, OK.
10-13-2004-Alex Gladewater, TX 09-26-2004-Car Wreck On I-20 Longview, TX
09-05-2004-Granny and Grandpa Nardecchia Gladewater, TX 08-22-2004-Jackson-Park Longview, TX 1
08-22-2004-Jackson-Park Longview, TX 2 08-21-2004-Michelle and Madeline Goofing off
08-15-2004-Caddo-Lake Oil City, LA. 08-02-2004-Alex at Dad Nardecchias Quitman, TX
07-10-2004-Natchez-Trace Between Vicksburg, MS and Jackson, MS 07-09-2004-Tunnel-Battlefield Vicksburg, MS
07-09-2004-Riverview, Vicksburg, MS 07-09-2004-National Cemetery Vicksburg, MS
07-09-2004-Battlefield-Vicksburg, MS 07-09-2004-Vicksburg-Ohio Monument Vicksburg, MS
06-28-2004-Lenny-Nick Gladewater, TX *Caution: Ex Wife 06-27-2004-Alex at home Gladewater, TX
06-25-2004-Aston Plano, TX 04-17-2004-Grandmothers Birthday Party 1 Denison, TX
04-17-2004-Grandmothers Birthday Party 2 Denison, TX 02-27-2004 Moms and Dads Hugo, OK.
01-23-2004-Alex Deer Lease Mc Leod, TX 01-19-2004-Alex Gladewater, TX
01-11-2004-Alex-Maddy Gladewater, TX 01-11-2004-Alex-Mom Gladewater, TX
01-10-04-Alex eating Gladewater, TX 01-02-2004-Maddy Hugo, OK
01-02-04-Maddy-Nolan Hugo, OK 01-01-2004-Maddy Opening Christmas Presents Gladewater, TX
01-01-2004-2-Maddy Opening Presents Gladewater, TX


12-29-03-Alex Gladewater, TX Bobby-Mary-12-28-03 Gladewater, TX
12-28-03-Alex Gladewater, TX 12-28-03-2-Alex Gladewater, TX

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