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Some mail I sent out regarding this site

Your website sucks, it sucks so bad it makes my eyes bleed. I have seen better websites in my stool.


Still awaiting a reply. I will post it here as soon as I get it.

Your site is horrible! How can you say such bad things about Joseph Smith. He was a prophet! He was told by God how the truth. You shold take that site down, because it is not true. You should have your head examined.

My Reply,


Thanks for surfing in!

Unfortunately I do not share the same ideas as you. If you purchase a domain and get someone to host it then you can say what ever you want about me and Mr. Smith. Does it strike you as odd that Joseph Smith said that the Native Americans that didn't listen to God were cursed with red skin? IE: Native Americans we have today. Or the part about how the angels that were neutral in the battle for heaven were sent to earth and cursed with dark skin? IE: African Americans. Or the part about how Jesus and Lucifer were brothers? Or how in battles people used swords/scimitars in the new world and no archaeological evidence has been found of this before the Spanish in the 15 century. I could go on for days. My real question is how you can completely entrust your entire belief on what some dude said happened to him. I may need my head examined, but so do you for believing in such nonsense.


Your site sucks! learn html

My Reply,


Thanks for surfing in!

Let me play techie for a moment. When you click on a link on my website, and it takes you to a page. What does each file name end in? For example main.php. Your right! It ends in .php now is that .html or .htm? NO! THAT MEANS MY SITE IS WRITTEN IN PHP! My site may suck, but learn what the *#%*@! you are talking about before you email me again.


More hate mail to come later!


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