- Beavers don't need pants here!

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This site is guaranteed to offend some, and I can't help that. If I was a democrat, I would try and make it presentable to every one. Even those puppy / goat-loving PETA freaks. But I'm not, so there. This is mainly an online repository of my thoughts, fears and idle babblings. If you would like to send me hate mail about my site I will post it on my site so I can laugh at you. That's just they way it is. If you would like to email me, try clicking on my contacts link at the top of the screen. I developed most of the code / images / layout with the exception to gallery and guestbook, not because I don't know how, well wait.... It is because I don't know how, but that's none of your darn business. The rest I did myself and no one can steal it.. unless I stole it first, and then in that case its open season!







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